Sunday, May 2, 2010


Looking at the above photo, and knowing that I like to quilt and sew, one would probably think this was a post about my hobby. But as you look farther down, one sees an entirely different story. My husband likes to fly fish, but I think even more than all the fishing and hunting, he likes creating things.
He used to make spinner baits for bass fishing, and even back when he did that, he would take little bits of black foam and cut and shape it...and use bits of the living rubber to make legs and would make little spiders to fly fish with. Keep in mind when I am talking about fly fishing, I am not meaning for trout...I am talking about large-mouth and small-mouth bass, bluegill, commonly found around here.
Last summer he got into making flies big time...every where we went, even to fabric shops, he managed to find things he could use such as some of the thread. Department stores were goldmines. In the make-up department he found nail polish to paint heads and eyes, in the craft department he found beads to use for eyes..and other things I don't remember now.

Notice the spool holders above and below...the blue one on the end and the middle one with the spool of green thread...I think those were bought. But look at the others--he made them using things he already had.
And just look at the flies below...this is just a small sample of the flies he tied...some of these I think he came up with on his on...
Now we have just got to take the time and go fishing...seems like the older we get the less time we spend fishing.