Friday, March 13, 2015

When will I see them again

These are from last spring...just can't help but wonder how much longer it will be before we see them again.
I am just so anxious for some color.  
I have just piddled the day away doing normal chores, plus did sew a few lines.  I just feel better when I sew a few lines.  I did go down to do some cutting but got so cold I could not stand to be down in the basement.  It is me.  Not that it was actually that cold.  Every evening I go through a spell of being cold.  I sat here for a couple hours with a flannel shirt on and fleece blanket across my lap/legs.

Bubbie must get cold, too.  This morn when I got up, he did not come to see me.  I meant to check and see if he was outside, but got busy answering email, and checking some other things on line.  An hour or so later, I got up to go do something and thought of Bubbie.  I started to go check and noticed my jacket on the floor.  (I hang it over the back of a chair quite often.)

I thought how did that get in the floor, and about the same time I thought 'Bubbie'...I was right.  He was curled up asleep under it.  He had such a sleepy look on his face.  I would love to know how long he had slept there.  Any time I make a quilt, or lay down anything I have been handling a lot, he tries to pull it to where he can get under it.

Tootie is still feeling good today.  She got up ready to go to school...I am so glad that she did get over this quickly.

While we were over there, she told me again that she wished we lived right next door.  She said that way she could just put on her jacket and walk over....or if she came home from school and no one was there, she could come over and knock on my door.  I don't know why she said that...they don't even let her off the bus unless one of us is there to get her.

Friday 5

It is time for some randomness...hoping I can do them quickly.  Hoping I can catch up with everyone in the next day or two.

1.  Does everyone think about stopping blogging?  It seems like I cannot go two weeks without skipping a day or, I get to thinking why not just quit.  Plus the fact that I just don't take as many pictures as I used to take.  For some reason, I just cannot totally give it up though.

2.  The flower above was actually taken in the fall...but still it makes me think spring. It is a crab apple tree.  When I worked at the orchard, I always found blooms when I was picking apples in the fall, so this is not really that unusual. 
3.  We just got back from Lorelei's...some of you know we were just over there for 3 or 4 days cause she was sick.  So, was up early yesterday morn and texting her mom...Lorelei had gotten up at midnight with her tummy hurting, and started vomiting at 1:00 and puked every hour till 7:30, then that turned to diarrhea.  I thought oh, we go again.  But she didn't have a fever.  Luckily, her mom had that day off, but both her and Lo's Dad had to work today, so Roger and I got ready up in the morn and went over to be there for her.  I was expecting her to have that real sickly look when we got there.  She did look tired but not like she had looked last week...and no fever still.  By the time it was bedtime, she was begging to go to school today, but we kept her home today just to be safe.  She was fine though and will be going back to school tomorrow.

4.  I am anxious to sew a bit.  I have a project started, but just the cutting stage.  But I always have crumb blocks going till I can actually sew a little bit whenever I  have that itch.

5.   If it wasn't 1:30 a.m. in the morning, I would fix myself a pan of cornbread...and I would probably eat the entire thing. 

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