Saturday, June 15, 2019

Nothing much new here...

The above was taken last week, or the week before.  With my phone.  I need to experiment with some scenic shots with it.  I know it does not do good at stopping motion.  If something is moving just the tiniest bit, it results in a blurry photo. But then again, maybe it is operator error.

I have not had a very productive week.  The yard was mowed again, and I did most of it cause Roger was otherwise occupied.  He and our neighbor were trying to get the rider to going.  It had set all last year without even being started.  It needed a new battery, so they got that done and it will run, but now the deck is sitting crooked.  Will take another day to work on that. 

I spent a big part of Friday trying to get some forms filled out on line...with a doctor for Roger.  I could get on and fill out things, but could not connect it to the place we are going.  And they need it before we go.  I called when I first started...say maybe 9:30.  They were busy and I had to leave patient name and date of birth along with phone number.  I waited and waited and waited some more.  Finally on up in the afternoon, I decided to call again, and pressed a different extension number.

I told the girl what I needed and she started to try to connect me to the right department, but saw that they were real busy.  Something about my voice, probably the desperation in it, must have got to her.  She had pity on me and asked how far I had got.  She said, well let me try to help you.  She gave me a code didn't work.  I don't remember the exact terminology but she knew something didn't match.  She thought maybe I had typed in the date of birth wrong, but I could see that I hadn't.  So she looked on her end, and it had been entered wrong there.  I bet I could have waited the rest of the day and would not have got a phone call because they had the wrong  date of birth.

It has rained all day long...maybe a few minutes here and there it stopped.  But never for very long.  I don't think the creeks are ever going to go down enough to take Lorelei to Mansfield to wade.  Every time she is here, or coming, she wants to know if we can go.    I hate disappointing her.

Not much going on.  I hope all is well in your world.