Thursday, March 9, 2017

Going crazy and enjoying every minute of it!!!

This photo was taken across a field, towards the sun...up about the middle of the day...even though it is not very good, I sort of like it.
 I cannot do anything right this morn...thought I must be crazy...I accidentally posted my photo for Time Stand still here first.

Then in trying to quickly do this Thankful Thursday post, I hit publish without meaning too...I am sure it will confuse people...

I am thankful to have a new old Windows computer was always hanging up and freezing, and just ran so loud it drove me nuts.

With that being said, I am fixing sloppy joes in one pan and taco meat in another and I best get back to that.

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A repeat

I am running behind, so just going to post this...a repeat from East Tennessee....hopefully tonight I will get everyone visited.