Friday, October 31, 2008

Today's leaves and happenings...

I don't quite know where to begin...with the pictures or with this day. I guess I will go with the pictures since they fall first.
This is the cottonwoods across the street. When I was trying to round up my cats the other morning, I happened to notice how the sunlight was hitting the first of three cottonwoods. I loved how the leaves just seem to have a golden glow.
Since I was having no success in calling Cougar home, I came in and got my camera and tried to capture that glow...I didn't succeed. I don't know why I didn't bracket some shots....I do that all the time when taking snow scenes but didn't think to do it with these.
I think I have got them adjusted till they will show up right on the computer, but not real sure. After I publish the post, I will check it out on the desktop computer and see how they look there.
Now for today. I am not sure, but don't think I mentioned that a month or 6 weeks husband stubbed his little toe on his right foot. Not once, not twice, but three times. Each time was almost harder than the time before. The last time he went barefoot out in the garage for something and kicked a cast iron jack stand with it, and moved it 5 or 6 inches.

That little toe gradually started bothering him worse and worse--felt like someone had hold of it squeezing real hard. He could not stand for the covers to be on it, and most shoes bothered it, especially if he was walking on uneven ground. So he had an appointment with a podiatrist 3 or 4 weeks ago. The doctor suggested surgery.

So today we had to be in Terre Haute at the hospital at 6:30 this morn. The doctor cut out a nerve, as well as a sort of spur on the tip of one of the bones. We were back home by 11:00 a.m. or so...the surgery itself only took about 15 minutes...we got there early in order to hurry up and wait. I no more than got home till I realized I had forgotten to drop of the prescription for pain meds, so I had to turn around and take that to the pharmacy....had to wait an hour for it to be filled.

And though the story is not mine to be made public, will just say that we also spent Wednesday at the hospital with someone else. I don't know about anyone else, but just sitting in the hospital tires me a whole lot more than an actual job. I am relieved that today is over with...I know it is going to be hard on my husband to just sit around....but surely he can manage that till the 10th, which is when he gets the stitches out.