Friday, July 6, 2012


With the dry weather, we see a few pretty leaves that have fallen. I think we won't have a pretty fall this year. I was so hoping to have long, glorious days of color.

I have started free-motion quilting my little quilt. It is going to take me a while if yesterday is anything to go by. Plus, I am trying not to sit down there for too long of a time. Anyway, I am sort of preoccupied with that and will just be on the computer here and there through the day.

It was 107ยบ here yesterday...we did have two rumbles of thunder that I heard but not a single drop of rain. We drove to Terre Haute yesterday and whole cornfields seem to just be drying and turning brown...and most of it not even as tall as me and I am only 5'3". Also seen a field of soy beans that we felt were dying. We have a chance of isolated thundershowers this weekend so am hoping and praying that we get some of it.