Friday, June 15, 2012

From the flower bed...

I just thought I would show a couple shots from the do you like my rooster standing back there? He is so big, I had him out in the garage to go to the thrift store--Roger seen him and put him in the flowerbed and had me look. I love him there.
He also found this kitty at a yard sale...I forget what we paid for it but sure not much.
I love rocks...I am thinking about calling a gravel pit and see if I can buy a small load. The ones above have a lot that are smaller than I normally pick up.
This is the other end of the flowerbed...I want to get enough to go across the front of it also.
Now this is not in the new is out behind the garage. It is not near as huge as my others, but it has done so much better since I put the rocks around it.

There you have it...nothing fancy....those are gladiolus bulbs coming up here and there. It was so late in the season when we done this, that they were on sale at Walmart...25 in a bag for $3. I figured if I got three or four good ones I would be happy. Instead I got around 20!