Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Not done yet

These two photos were from my other blog...they only got one comment there an I think they are sort of pretty; notice the moon in the first shot.
I got up at 6:00 this morn and hardly stopped. By 10:00a.m I had been to Walmart, mainly to pick up cat and dog food, and just a few more items, stopped by the post office to pick up a priority mail box and the form you fill out when sending stuff to our soldiers. Actually it is probably for all things shipped out of our country...too tired to think of the right word for it but I do know it.

Anyway, I stopped and picked it up on the way home from Walmart, came home and filled it and got it ready to mail, took it back to the post office to send it to JT in Iraq. From there I went to the grocery for a few things. Came home and moved clothes from washer to dryer...and that all before 10 o'clock. I took a little break before making the recovery disks for this computer. I was so glad I had picked up some dvds a week or two ago...it only took 2 of those but would have taken 16 cds...

Besides that I did another load of clothes and hung them on the line, fixed supper, and I got the form to fill our for jury duty. I have been on a jury a couple times....but haven't been chosen since the 80's, even though I have had to fill out that paper several times.

I really will be glad to get everything squared away on here. I have yet to get my photos and music loaded on here. Plus a few documents that I don't want to lose. I did go down to the junk store as we call it and look for some small table to put this on but no luck. I had searched on line and cannot find anything that I think will suit me in height, etc. I will go look in person one of these days...I also want it to be big enough to set my scanner on. It will work better/faster with this computer.

For right now though, I am closing down for the night. I think the local news is coming on. I want to just sit and relax a few minutes before going to bed.