Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I just put the final stitches in this and took it outside to take a quick photo before it rains.
This is the result of wanting to sew without having to think...for the most part anyway.
And this is the backing fabric I chose...I had wanted some kind of polka-dots but either not enough fabric of the ones I liked, or lots of fabric but not colors I would chose.  So had Roger step back and hold a length of this out and it called to me even more than polka-dots would.  Before washing, it measures approx 62 inches by 80 inches.
I have enough of the blocks left to make a nice sized lap quilt...or couch quilt.  I have them sewn together just have to cut some borders.  I have the inner border picked out, just not sure what I will use for the outer border.  And not sure I will quilt it right away even when I get it made.
It is staying rainy around here, but for the most part, it is just enough to keep things wet.  Had downpour for a little while yesterday evening a couple times.  Our grass is still so wet.  At least the garden is getting plenty to drink.