Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Archive digging...again

I have been sitting going through my photos.  I might add that I have been having the best time--it always brings back memories of pleasant days.  How do I know they were pleasant?  Because I seldom take photos when I am under stress of any kind.
Lorelei spent this past weekend with us, but had to go back to school yesterday.  She realized that her Aunt was leaving early Saturday morn.  It was her choice to come home with us, but before she left she hugged and hugged her Aunt.  As we were going out the door, her little dog Rosie ran out and Sarah had to rush out to catch her.

We got Lorelei in the seat and Sarah hugged her again, and went back in the house.  As she was shutting the door, Lorelei was saying to roll down her window.  By the time Roger got it rolled down, her mom had went in and shut the door, and Lorelei was crying....just big old tears and she couldn't help it.  With the crying, I could not uderstand what she wanted to tell her mom, so I got out and went back to her and asked....she wanted to tell her mom to give her Aunt one more hug. 

I ended up going back in and her Aunt came out and gave her more hugs and kisses.  We gave her the option of coming or staying there...she still wanted to come home with us...but she cried more on the way home.  I could hear the tears in her voice when she talked...not sobbing or anything, but you could still tell.  And then that night, when we went to bed, after we were supposed to be quiet, she started crying softly, and though I knew why, she felt the need to tell me she was crying cause she knew her Aunt would not be here the next day. 

How wonderful to be loved like that...