Tuesday, June 2, 2015

In the wind....

This was taken a few years ago....at an Amish farm. 

The sun shone and the sky was blue today, and it was oh, so nice.  After two days of overcast skies and so chilly of needing a jacket to be outside, I have returned to thinking just maybe summer is better than winter!

I just need to start being up and out early when the heat starts.  If I get up and am out as the day heats up, it does not bother me near as bad as when I wait and it hits me full force the first time.

At least it is good weather for hanging out clothes, which I did today.  Two loads....may do another tomorrow.

I had to go to Walmart....I am not even saying how much I spent on catfood.  The bad thing is it will not last the month.  I sometimes think how far the money would go in feeding hungry people, but then who would take care of the cats.  Does anyone else have these weird thoughts?  It goes through my mind every so often.

I finally got to sew a few lines this evening...the first time in a few days other than helping Lorelei sew a few lines.  I am hoping to get back to my projects...yes, projects.  I was waiting to get more batiks for my daughter's quilt and started a baby quilt.  I will probably finish it before I get back to her quilt....I am not sure when the baby is due, but just want to finish it now that it is started.  And since it is small, it won't take too long.