Thursday, October 27, 2011

From across the state line

The other night when I went out to the strip pits, by the time I left the cemetery the sun was starting its descent.  I hurried on down the road...wanting to get to one of my favorite subjects over there in that I mean this house below.

 I always think of it as the Little House on the Prairie.  I have seen it in all types of weather, at all times of the day and it always appeals to me.  I would love to know the history of the place.

That evening, on the other side of the were busy.  I have no idea how big some of the fields are over there but they are huge. 

You may not see it but there is a combine in the photo above.... it is to the right of the sun, almost but not quite in the center of the photo...I will try to post a different photo of it at another time.

Today has been dark and dreary part of the day, and a real chill in the air.  I really feel like we are seeing the last days of autumn.  We were out today and saw geese on the wing.  I suppose they are ready to start their migration.  I am thinking if we want to see the sandhill cranes that we should be heading up north before many more days are over.
I am still working on my sewing the final stages of it now.  I will have to admit I had to do some more ripping out of stitches...and this time I did mind cause they were a mistake.  Funny, if it is a design decision, I don't get upset with myself, but when it is a dumb mistake...I grumble all the time I am taking them out.

That is about it from my corner of the world.  I am going to sew a bit more, then going to try to catch up on all the blogs I see you later I hope.