Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hollywood and homespun

Sarah sent this little snapshot of the toot toot a few minutes ago...I cannot resist posting it. I suppose Lorelei will never know her name, or else answer to any and everything cause we have so many names for her.
On to why I haven't been blogging the past day or two....I have finally finished the quilting on this...I would love to know the hours I have spent, as well as how many yards of thread. I bet it is close to a thousand yards counting top and bottom thread. I know I spent at least 4 hours yesterday, another hour today....and I just had a little bit left to do today. I only had to take a out a few stitches a couple time was not wasted on redoing stitching.

I have listened to 7 CDs of an audio book while doing it and each one is approx 75 minutes long, plus I have watched TV some of the time.
I still have to make the binding...making a decision on what to use will be the first hurtle. The cutting and stitching the lengths of fabric together, then folding lengthwise and pressing in half will take a bit of time, but not much compared to actually doing the binding. First, I will sew it around the perimeter of the quilt with the sewing machine...not such a long job. But, then I fold it to the back and stitch it down by hand. That will take a lot of hours. But I do enjoy it...I watch TV and just stitch away.

It is not perfect, but hopefully it will be finished one of these days.
On the subject of snow, we only got a little bit of frozen ice Friday night, and it did not last. A lot of snow melted yesterday, and today it has rained lightly all day long. More snow is gone...while our neighbors yard is almost bare of snow, ours still has inches on it. From the drifting, I suppose. It is 40ยบ as I type this; if it stays this warm the rest should be gone soon.
I have a question for everyone. I love the pop-up window comment form, I use it on mine, but the other day all of a sudden whenever I clicked to comment on a blog, including my own that had the pop-up window type of comment form, it pops up but as a whole new window! I have not changed anything that I am aware of. I have been looking on the settings trying to find a way to change it, but not finding anything.

It does not do it when I use Explorer, so I am wondering is it a blogger/Firefox issue. Other sites that have pop-up windows are not effected while using Firefox. This makes me think it isn't Firefox, which I had first thought. Is there something I am missing???