Thursday, February 28, 2008

You got to enlarge this picture--you may have even seen it before. But remember when my two babies were this small? Every time I run across this picture I almost laugh out loud. They were just totally passed out...have that goofy look with their eyes half open but they are really out of it. They had been playing hard!

Otherwise, I didn't start quilting till tonight...I am just doing a loop-d-loop design with 5-point stars thrown in. I should have spent more time warming up, cause some of the quilting is kind of herky-jerky. But it will hold the layers together and be fine for a baby to roll around on. It is a bit more than a baby quilt...should call it a kid quilt.

My thread started shredding before I got done--I seem to have problems with Coats and Clark thread when free motion quilting...but it was all that was available at Joann's the other day. I am going to change my needle to a top-stitch needle tomorrow and see if that helps. It also might be that I was getting tired.

Maybe I will have something finished tomorrow.

this is my new iron--I really, really like it. I hope it lasts a long time and works just the way it does now. Loads of steam, gets really hot, and gets that way quickly. I made the backings for the baby quilts tonight and even got one of them pin-basted and ready to quilt. I am so excited...since I got my Juki I don't mind machine quilting at all.

I could not take a picture without the Princess being involved; I can't do anything without she is there checking it out, no matter what 'it' is. But I still love her...and below is my boy. Isn't he adorable. The bottom picture is very typical of him and his brother. I have had cats all my life almost and I have never seen two that just lay stretched totally out so much of the time. A big part of the time, they both will have their front feet stretched out in front and their back feet/legs stretched straight out behind with their belly to the floor.