Monday, April 4, 2011

To the top!

I don't remember when I first started noticing architectural features of buildings...I know I didn't think much about it when young. Probably didn't think anything about it at all then...
but as I have grown older, I have really come to appreciate the work that has gone into it.
These were in Rockville, Indiana, around the square. I love the ones with the rich colors most of all.
Lorelei and her mommy spent the entire weekend with us. Kay came over yesterday and talk about making a kid happy. Lorelei would laugh and laugh at just anything and everything. Kay had been here probably an hour and went back home and got her little brother who is about a year older than Lorelei. Mitch is quiet and gentle...Lorelei just loved having him here.

She still has a runny nose and has a cough....the doctors say that it just hangs on and hangs on. She doesn't let it slow her down much. She wants to stay outside all the time...and it was warm enough till she could, thank goodness. Cause she cries to be is very hard to distract her from it sometimes when it is bad weather.