Wednesday, January 22, 2020

A few more...

I am in the process of getting more leaves ready to applique..I still need to count and see how many I have already appliqued.  I have no number in mind that I want to do..   I do want it big enough to snuggle under.  But that may be it.  I have no idea how many oranges I have. But several.  Fabrics will be repeated.

Every time I see a new orange fabric I buy some.  And one I have bought twice.  I did not remember buying it the first time.  I have this one orange fabric that will be hard for me to is just so pretty.

I have had some stuff going on that has had me one thing taken care of only to have something else come up last Friday.  I thought I heard the furnace making a funny noise, but then no.  I didn't hear it.  Then I heard was only at the behinning of the heating cycle.  Lasted maybe a minute or two.  Besides worrying me, it also got on every last nerve I had.  I went down and seemed to come from the humidifier.

I came up and turned the humidistadt  to zero... and called heating & air...they could not be here until Monday.  I unplugged the did not completely stop making a noise but it was a lot less annoying...not so loud.   And Roger went down and I heard him hit something.  The noise completely stopped soon after that.

The guy came Monday and could find nothing wrong at did not make a peep when he plugged it back in and forced the furnace to blow.    I had him replace the filter while he was here.  I really liked him...felt like he was honest.  And did not feel at all worried about theft.

After all the mess with the repairs from the hail damage, I did not know if I would ever feel trust again. 

Just going to leave you with a little something is old but every young person I have ever showed it to thought it was funny.

We still watch it every so often and I still imitate Jim saying 'Slow Down.'