Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes is much better than she was last week, though she still is a little congested.  But nothing like last week. If you enlarge these you will see dark circles under her eyes...I think it is cause she fights sleep so bad.  The one below is blurry...but you can see she is bright-eyed and active.  I took about 25 pictures and maybe 5 or 6 are actually half good because she was not still a minute.
A lot of the time when I take her out to the swing, when we first go out there she starts yelling as loud as she can.  Then, she gradually goes back to her normal voice.  Last night when her mom came, she almost jumped out of my arms to get to her....tonight, she was in this walker, and though she was glad her mom was here, she preferred to stay in the walker
Above you can see that she is really concentrating on some of her toys...
And I really don't remember what she was doing in the one below...but she is having a good time in case you can't tell.