Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Amazing sky

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The other day as we headed to see Lorelei and her mom and dad, this is the sky.  Only you are only getting a hint of it.  There was roll after roll of clouds just like this one.  Well, at least 4 or 5 but my lens was not wide enough to capture it.
 It is rainy and wet outside this  morn.  The cats still ran outside when I opened the door for them.  I don't know what they think they will find when they get out.  Maybe they are just taking advantage of the few 'warm' days that remain.  When we had the cold snap, they were content to be inside with us.  With it being in the 50's the past couple of days, they have about ran us ragged wanting in an out. 

I am not sure what this day is going to hold for us...Roger won't be hunting in the rain.  I can't help thinking about all the tales he can tell about deer hunting...things that have happened to him and his friends.  But the funniest is always the cat/tree stand tail  The one posted here. Most of you have seen it, but you might enjoy it again.

Another time, back when money was hard to come by, Roger built his own tree-stand.  It was heavy...and did not fold down, making it hard to carry through the woods.  Then he had to find a tree big enough, yet not too big.  He would place the platform against the tree.  There was two pieces of angle iron that reached back past the tree. One side had another piece of angle iron that was hinged.  He would swing it to the other piece that portruded past the tree and fasten it.  I do not remember how it fastened.

Now, he had this webbing, something really strong.  He attached two 'loops' to the platform.  That is the best term I can think of to describe it.  He slid each foot into a loop and  he was ready.  He would reach up as high as he could...I don't recall if he just used his arms/hands or if he had something else that helped grip the tree, he would reach up as high as he could and then lift the tree stand with his feet.  This tipped it enough till the bar across the back did not bite into he tree any more, and he could pull the tree stand up a bit at a time.  Then when he stood on it to reach up again, his weight on the tree stand made the bar across the back bite into the tree and it could not slide down...

One time, he came home and told me he had about tore  his arm out of its socket!  I don't remember if it occurred when he was climbing up, or coming down the tree, but the webbing his feet were side pulled loose...or one of his feet came out of the loop..he happened to have hold a tree limb with one hand.  There he was hanging by one arm....all his weight plus the weight of the tree stand.  And the tree stand was heavy.  It  was hanging from the one foot all cockeyed. 

I remember he talked about hanging there with one arm and trying to flip the tree stand with the one foot till he could get some kind of hold with his other foot.  I don't remember much else, but remember it was not so funny at the time, but later it is one of the tales that brings much laughter.