Monday, August 15, 2011

Blue Horse

This is not my is one I found on the net.....
It is that time of year again....a time when kids return to school. Seems like it gets earlier every year. Every year I think back to my own childhood and remember Blue Horse Notebooks and loose leaf paper. Does any one else remember them? I don't know that there was anything special about them...just that they were what was available. I think we got points to redeem for things, but don't actually ever remember getting anything with them. I know I had at least one 3-ring binder that had that blue horse on the inside was the hard canvas type. And it had the little clip at the top of the front cover on the inside to hold your pencil....I was describing it to Roger and he had forgotten all about it.
When we were kids, there was not near the variety of things that is available now...we were lucky to get basic pencils and paper. I don't know what happened one year...I don't know if mom had a hard time getting to town or what, but when I was in second grade, I don't know how many days I had to borrow paper, and I think I got it all from one girl. I always think of her and how kind that she never got mean about it.
And when we were in the younger grades, I can remember all of us having our lessons returned to us, and we all used the back side of them and did another lesson on them. It wasn't just me, but I think most of us. We were 'green' before that was the in-thing to be.

I remember standing and almost drooling over pencils and paper back then, and after I got older every now and then mom would let me splurge on a sketch book...and I am not an artist. Don't have that gift at all as far as drawing and sketching...but I still liked to try.

And does anyone remember that back in our day, there used to be binders which held the paper at the top. And you could actually buy paper that had the holes at the top. The front cover flipped over to the back...and it was not rings that held the paper but plastic posts. And they had a little compartment to put a pencil or two. You raised the 'lid' to put the paper on the posts, or to get to your pencil.

I can still spend hours looking at these don't want to take me to Staples or Office Max! For me, they hold untold treasures. I can never leave without buying some little something...even if it is just pens. But you can bet I want to spend more, though, just I don't have the excuse to get it. And in addition to the pens, paper, notebooks etc...there is also computer stuff to be picked up and looked at and read about...