Monday, February 11, 2008

Sewer Problems--not fun We have had a time tonight. I had planned to sew today, but instead had to run errands to pick up animal food and a few other things at Walmart. And then by the grocery. I came home and decided to clean out the had lots of odds and ends in it that needed to be taken care of.

So, since my sewing machines and all that is all in the basement and I never made it down there...I didn't know there was a problem till my hubby got home. He had gotten so dirty at work, that he went directly down there to take his clothes off and throw them directly in the wash.

There was a huge puddle of make a long story the end we found that the actual sewer drain was not draining. He had to go to the chiropractor tonight, came home and we ate a quick supper, then ran to a Harbor Freight store and just bought a rotor rooter. We decided since we have this problem every so often, instead of paying to rent a machine and have the chore of getting it up and down the basement stairs, we would just buy one and it could stay down there.

There were tree roots in the them out. Then cleaned up the huge puddle down there. I always take bleach water after that and scrub down the whole floor...then dry it again. NOT fun.

But I am so thankful to have a husband who is capable of taking care of things like that and I don't have to live with them till we can call someone in. .

I actually know how to do it myself--just not sure I am strong enough to do some of it. When you feed the coil of the rotor rooter through you have to hang on to it or it can really whip back out and cause some damage. It is too hard for my tired brain to explain right now...and I still have dishes to do and need to finish that load of clothes.