Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Where's Bubbie

This is my lovely Bubbie...he is our funny boy. And our loving boy. He came in about daylight this morn and started...jump up on me, then step over on to Roger. Then Roger pushed him on out of the bed...right back around he came and jumped up on me...I think he actually snuggled for just a minute, then back to Roger and this time on down off the bed with no help.

I decided he wanted outside so sat up on the side of the he came and gave this little bitty meow...I ask him something, he did this tiny meow again to answer me...I softly said something else to him...not wanting to totally wake Roger up. This time his motor kicked on and he was purring so loudly. He was a lonesome boy was his problem.

He is totally entertaining...I will be in the bathroom putting up stuff, or cleaning, and here he will come and reach up and pull down the towels. If they fall and cover him up, that is even better. He will lay there forever. And I cannot keep the throw rug straight in front of my chair. He crawls under it and keeps it a mess all the time. He makes us laugh daily.
I did do laundry...the heat was awful, but things dried so quick. I think we are going to have to water the flowers and garden daily. I heard our local weatherman say we are behind over 10 inchs of rain for the year so far...we really could use a good soaking rain.

It's ready....

After running an errand or two yesterday morn, I settled down in the afternoon to finish the back for this small quilt. I set a few minutes, then thought with the things I have to do today, that I best be busy getting it pin-basted because it sure would not happen today. I wish I had timed the entire process.

I first stretched the back on the floor, used t-pin to keep it stretched. I spread the batting, using t-pins again to keep it spread out...then the top. After crawling around doing all that it was time for a break. I did time myself on doing just the pinning, and for that small quilt it took an hour. It is approximately 64/65 inches long--I know this cause it is just a bit longer than I am tall. And I think it is around 48/50 wide. I know that because I knew I needed more than a single width of fabric for the backing.
It was up to 95ºF here yesterday...according to one thermometer. The other said 99º! The local TV station predicts it will be 97º today, while Weather Undergound predicts 102º. With temps like that, I will be hanging clothes on the line, only to return and get them by the time I hang the last item...or almost anyway.

I have a lot I want to do today, so will get busy with it all...