Sunday, September 22, 2019

A bit of the process....

I was in there getting a few more shapes ready to baste and thought I would take a few pics of the process.

I just realized I should have taken a couple more photos, but will make do with these.  The white in the above photo is freezer paper.  The same old freezer paper that has been around for years.  It has a shiny, slick side.  The slick side is placed against the back of the fabric.

Use a hot iron and press the freezer paper to the back of the fabric.  It does not stain it, or do any harm to it.  But it will stick to it till you want it to come out.  (and once it is taken out, it can be used again and again.)

Next I cut the fabric closer to the shape, leaving just enough to fold over the edge of the freezer paper and baste down  like in the photo below.

I have made a heart quilt top using this method.....hopefully when I start to actually applique, I will try to think and take more photos.

I did get a few more freezer paper shapes cut and ironed to the back of fabrics...eleven more in fact.  Still all different fabrics.  And I still haven't used all the ones I have.  (I have been collecting orange fabrics for a LONG time, and I still look for new ones)

I did three more 4-patches, plus the one on top was from the other day.  I am hoping I can continue to do a little bit every day. 
I am anxiously awaiting a new kindle.  I have this horrible habit of getting different newletters with a list of either free or almost free books.  I find more books than I can read or ever hope to read.  But I get them anyway.  Plus I buy a few along.  As well as there are probably a dozen  or two or more I have the actual book, but purchased them for my kindle, too, because I love them so much.

Anyway, my current Kindle Paperwhite is so full, it will not hold any more...and it just does not want to function.  Their new basic Paperwhite kindle has twice the space mine does, and costs a less than what I paid for mine.  But I went ahead got one with 32GB of space.   It should last me for a life time. And I just checked, and it cost less than the Paperwhite I have now because I am a prime member...

As to the free books, I will try stuff I get free that I would probably never purchase...well, I might pay a dollar or two to try something.  But I got Once Upon A Flock by Lauren Sheuer for free....and check that link out now!  I would never have paid that much on a whim, yet now that I have read it, I feel it would have been worth it.  It was just so fun to read...yet not the funny/haha kind of read.  I wish I could lend it to all of you that read...I think most of you would enjoy it.  If you follow the link, and I hope you do, go down and read the editorial review.

I got The Elephant Whisperer by Lawrence Anthony for $2  It was one of the best books I have read.  Again, one I would not have paid the asking price, but since reading it have seriously considered getting it for someone as a gift.   If you ever get the chance, read it.

What we wouldn't have given for all these books when I was a kid....

That is it for now...I think I might check a few blogs and/or do a little basting.  Hope you have a good week ahead.