Saturday, March 7, 2020

Sign of spring...

I was out in the yard day the other day and fund this hosta popping through.  It is the only one out of all my hostas that has any leaves showing.  It was the last one I looked at so was a pleasant surprise.

While I was out there, of course Bubbie was out there messing around.  I would give anything to have had a movie to show you what he done.  I was standing looking at the dogwood tree...looking at the buds.  He looked at me, then ran and jumped up on the tree and climbed on to this limb...that is about as high up as I am tall.

Oh, he had a gleam in his can actually see it in his eyes when he is planning something.  He came running out that limb, or should I say attempted to run down it...his feet slipped off and he caught himself with his front feet, could not get back up so put is back feet up and pushed off the limb while letting go with his front paws.  None the worse for wear, though I was headed to try to help him down. 

I don't know what he thought he was going to do to me, but I suspect he thought he was going to run down and grab my head/hair with his claw and scare me.

Remember when he was a young lad, and he used to get up on top of this door if it was open.  He would jump from the back of a chair, to the top of some shelves, and then up there.  I saw him the other day contemplating doing that again...he was in my chair, looking at the shelves, and then at the door.

And I have seen him look at our table and then to the top of the china cabinet.  I don't know why he wants on top of either one, but am glad he doesn't attempt it now.


I have four more of these ready to applique...yes, I am beginning to have to repeat oranges.  At least one of these is a new one...the one in the lower left.  It looks on the read side on my computer, but it is really a pure orange in reality.  I really like to have something to sew by hand at times.  I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it.  I used to always take hand sewing with me when I was accompanying anyone to the doctor where we had to wait.

I know I planned to tell something else but cannot remember it for the life of me.  So, hope you are having a good weekend.