Tuesday, August 24, 2010

In the wind again!

The photo above is just a sample of what we saw Sunday....click to make it bigger till you can see it better. We counted 7 butterflies in it...

Then there were these butterflies...I have just started seeing them this year. I don't ever recall seeing them before, but maybe I did and just don't remember. The width of the yellow bands almost makes me think it is two different kinds, but maybe it just signifies male and female. I am thinking they are the Giant Swallowtail, so if you know for sure one way or the other, please chime in in the comments.

Then there is the little guy below...
We saw just a few of them...not sure what kind it is. Probably a Frittillary but I am not sure which one. It was much smaller than the swallowtails and the monarchs.

I have clothes hanging on the line, Roger is working on the old garage....actually he is getting ready to make doors for it. He is going to make them to look like barn doors. He is having to do some other work first.

I went down to sew some this morn, and discovered I had cut some pieces of my project the wrong way...so I am having to 'fix' my problem before I can really get down to sewing. I was tired when I cut the pieces and I know better than to do anything that requires thinking when I have that worn out feeling. I know what I done, and it was dumb, dumb, dumb! But mom always said if you hadn't made mistakes, you hadn't ever done anything....so will try to look at this as a learning experience.

I don't mind that tired feeling if I have actually been working, but I hate that just going shopping totally wears me out. I hate shopping because of that...the only time I enjoy it is when I go Christmas shopping. And even then I still suffer that totally worn out feeling, but I still enjoy shopping for gifts.

P.S. I forgot to add that it was harder than heck to get any decent photograghs of the butterflies...the wind was blowing the entire time I was there.