Friday, December 6, 2019

Friday happenings and more

I got this in the mail yesterday...a good friend sent it to me...she is someone I met through blogging.    It is hard not to sit and read it all at once.  I sat right down and read yesterday's devotion when I got it, and then today read today's and they both were/are so fitting for how I have been feeling.  I searched for it on line and when January ends I am going to order it.  It is published bi-monthly and I think if I ordered it now, I bet I would still get this current issue.  At least that is what I have had happen with quilt magazines.

Another friend showed her thumb on her I tried to take one of my is my right thumb so had to take pic with left hand.  Not an easy task for me but I did get one good enough for you to see.   I did this at the end of August...that dark spot was down at the very base of the fingernail when it was first done.  It is taking its slow sweet time growing out.  My hand slipped off a wrench, and I hit this metal edge on the power washer.  It hurt....


More not so great photos and video...the ones that I take are just taken with my little P&S camera. I am on one road and those buildings are over on the next least half a mile away.  Maybe more.  And those geese are about midway between the farm buildings and me.  If  you expand the view, notice that big old red tractor! 

You might want to turn the sound off or way down on this video....

While the videos don't look so terrible on my computer, I don't know what happens to them when uploaded to youtube...they become even worse than they really are.  Still you can get a feel for how they were today.  This time they were over in some farm fields.
I keep meaning to tell that my current read is
The Good Earth by Pearl Buck... it has been years and years since I read it though I have looked at it several times and thought about starting it again.  If I knew, I forgot that it is the first of a trilogy.  I don't know if I have read the others.  The second one is The Sons, and the third is A House Divided...and that title sounds so familiar but I honestly don't think I have read it.

I hope you have a good weekend....