Thursday, August 20, 2020

Pics of this and that...


We are really enjoying this hibiscus.  It does not have near as many blooms as the pink one.  But usually has one or two, and one day had four!

I am still have some beautiful coneflower blooms.  Love them!


I have been cutting  2 1/2 inch squares from scraps and the triangles to go with them and played with a few the other day.  Roger really liked this block.  I have heard this block called different things, but my favorite is Sister's Choice.  I think if I should decide to make more, that I will try to not make it quite as scrappy as this.  Right at this present time, I still want to get the backing made for my current quilt top.

My brother and his wife came down and spent the day had been a long time since we had seen each other to visit. 
I got the gutter part of the front awning did today.  So glad to have it done.  Neighbors came over and set a while when they seen me sitting down for a few minutes.  We have hardly visited since Covid hit.

I had to put away the the ladder, the hose, and some tools I had had to use...and came in and was warming up leftover chili for our supper.  Lorelei texted, and wants to come spend the weekend.  What more could a person ask for!  We meet half way and get her so it is not very time consuming for either her mom or us.

I will leave you with something that will bring a smile to your heart.

The video I embedded can only be seen by watching it at youtube....if you want to watch it, it is HERE.  It is only about a minute long.