Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Good visibility

We got up sort of early for us and was gone from here before 8:30...the rest of the week has rain forecast for almost every day. Or it did have...I haven't checked today. We were headed north to Jasper-Pulaski Fish and Wildlife Area to see the Sandhill cranes again and yesterday seemed the best day to make the attempt.

I am telling you now, if rain was not in the forecast so much for the coming week, there is no way I would have traveled yesterday. We were in fog so thick most of the way there...so thick you couldn't see what was in the road right beside you. Go here, and look what is right beside the road...notice the 3rd photo down especially. Now we were in the lane this photo was taken from so we were across the median, etc....but there are others almost as close on our side of the road and even though I was looking for the wind turbines, I never spotted a single one on the way north. That gives you a clue to how thick the fog was.

When we got so far north we were going to have to get off the 4 lane road, we decided to find a place to sit and have coffee and wait for the fog to lift. We did take our chances though and traveled a few mile on a two lane road to Watseka, Illinois....we went to this little mom and pop restaurant and ordered coffee.
The first thing the waitress told us there had been a 10 car pile up just right there close to Watseka....that all the ambulances had been used. We sat there at least an hour, and finally thought the fog was lifting, but as we left there I thought I saw a junk shop so stopped there for a few minutes before heading out. There we heard 12 cars, and this morn I did find a link and it said 12 cars.... These top two scenes were after we left there...
And these are the Sandhill cranes we went to see. I didn't get many good pictures...of course with all the waiting it was the middle of the day when there and though my focusing skills leave a lot to be desired, the lighting was also bad.