Wednesday, December 7, 2011


These photos all enlarge, and there are a couple more photos over on Time Stand Still of these sparrows in the brush...also, all of these do enlarge.

I had been meaning to photograph them for a while...and this evening I was sitting here with Bubbie in my lap. He was snoozing...I glanced out there to see the evening light hitting the sparrows and though what a perfect time to shoot them. But I didn't want to make The Bubbie get up, but Roger came in and it startled him so he jumped up on his own. By the time I got out there a cloud or two was passing through and I missed some of the best light. But at least I got some.
The nuthatch flitted in and out so quick it was hard to get a photo of it at all...not sure if it is only one or if there are more than on.

The tufted titmouse was slower showing up than the other birds...but eventually there were two or three of them at the feeder...

I don't know if the cardinal had been there earlier and i missed him, or if this was taken on his first visit...he did not stay long.

I sit at my computer and cannot do anything on it because I am so preoccupied with the birds. The minute I put my camera down, the red-bellied woodpecker came but he flew with my slightest move. Also a blue jay flitted in and out of the view a couple times.
I passed the 10,000 photo mark on one of my cameras started over with Image 0001....I think my other DSLR has over 9,000 photos on it. Can you image what that would have cost to take all those in film and had them developed? That alone would be crippling to the budget, let alone if you have photos printed of any of them.