Friday, October 24, 2008

Roger has been busy

If you are here for Sky Watch shots, please scroll on down. I just couldn't wait any longer to post these.
They are two of my husband's latest creations. The one in the top two photos is for a good friend that he worked with for years. This friend has not even seen it yet. The friend did supply the deer antler for the handle. He has had both the knives shown finished for a few days, but did the sheath for the top one day before yesterday.
(Don't you just love those kitty paws in the photo above????)
This knife in the bottom two photos was given to the son of another very good friend. Roger made the sheath while he and his dad were here visiting this evening and sent it home with him. I didn't think to get a picture of the sheath but it was simple made like the one above.
I really need to start laying a ruler by the knives or something till an idea of their size can be had. The knife in the top photo is quite a bit bigger than the second knife. I also need to develop all the views I want to take of the knives. I tend to get a little bit excited about things and I end up forgetting something.

Such as I wish I had taken a picture looking down the 'spine' of this...not sure what the correct term is. Roger did some file work on the edge of the back of the blade--it was his first time trying that and it turned out rather well. Just a little bit of cosmetic work.

I know I am a little bit prejudiced, but all his friends tell him he should sell his knives...they offer to buy them. I think it is amazing that he takes a flat piece of metal and makes a knife from start to finish. He usually doodles and comes up with the shape of the knife on paper first. He cuts the metal to shape himself, and does all the heat treating in his gas forge which he built himself, does all the sanding and grinding and buffing, makes the handles from whatever material.

As I type this, I realize I know so little of the process I am going to have to start taking notes when he tells me stuff. And maybe at some later date try to give a more accurate description of how he makes his knives.