Friday, May 17, 2013

Waiting on the wisteria

Here it is the middle of May, and my wisteria still has not got any blossoms open.  The one above was take April 24 of last year.  I just love wisteria and can't wait for it to bloom.
Roger is getting the new faucet on the new sink...he puts the faucet on before he sets the sink in the counter.  I have it cleaned out under the sink.  No, I did not take a picture....that is one place I don't want to share with anyone.  Though it is basically just cleaning supplies, a flower vase or two for bringing in my own bouquets if I want, and cleaning rags.  Still, it was not a pretty sight.

It is acting like it could rain but it is still warm.  The mosquitoes are going to be horrible this year.  I can hardly sit in the swing unless I do burn these coils...not sure what they are but they actually work and keep the mosquitoes away.