Saturday, June 20, 2009

Going back in time....

I am going back in time a little bit tonight...I have been wanting to get time to think about how to tell this but the time is not happening so just going to start.

When we were kids, store bought anything was hard to come by.....snacks were few and far between for the most part. Every now and then, we would get to have a candy bar and a Pepsi...or ice cream and Pepsi. Pepsi was our choice of pop back then. That was back when candy bars were either a nickel or a dime. (Remember there was a time when there was a small candy bar for a nickel and a bigger one for a dime?) And pop was a dime a bottle...I don't remember what a half gallon of ice cream cost. I suppose there is some place on the web to look that up but just not going to try right now.

But the reason for the picture of the donuts is this. I seriously doubt if I ever have or see donuts that it don't take me back to childhood. Our mom and dad were friends with a couple by the name of Jot and Molly--Jot's real name was Clarence but everyone called him Jot. I have no idea why...and don't know how or when they all became acquainted...they were friends as long as I can remember.

Anyway, they would come by every so often and open up the trunk of their least I remember them doing that one time. I am assuming that is how they did every time. Anyway, it would be full of things like white bread and donuts, and I think the little single packaged fruit pies. And probably other stuff, but I can't recall what all else they had.

We thought they went to Knoxville to buy all of it...and don't know if I knew it then or since then realized that they probably went to a day old bread store to buy the stuff...knowing them, they probably bought it when it was too old for the day old store.

But what I remember is the yeast donuts...packaged single. I actually remember mom buying them two for a nickel. And they were stale...sometimes we would heat them in the oven a bit and they would come back to life a little bit. But they were just sooo good with coffee. I drank coffee from as far back as I can remember....actually my brothers might say that back then I liked a little coffee with my cream but I don't think I was quite that bad. But then again, maybe I was.

To this day I like to get yeast donuts and leave the sack or box open and let them get a little doesn't get much better than that.