Thursday, May 3, 2012

Too much going on....

I am too tired to think straight tonight...should be in bed but am just sitting....just to enjoy it.

Roger's back has been really bothering him...actually the sciatic nerve...started this weekend and just gradually getting worse and worse. He called our chiropractor's office Monday morn and no one in...left a message. We know he has been cutting down hours, so knowing he might not even be in for a few days, I called another chiropractor that our oldest daughter has used and liked.

He was able to get in yesterday. After we got back from there, and it finally quit raining I ran to our Walmart to pick up a prescription. While there, I figured I might as well stock up on catfood and a few other things. When I got in a line to check out, I got behind a young man that had a couple kids with him, and he was actually in the process of paying.

Something happened, and the cashier had to get the manager, who in turn had to do something that cancelled the whole he had to take all the stuff out of the bags for them to be I was ready to be out of there by the time I got through. After leaving there, stopped at the grocery for just a few items, then home.

Well, we were thinking I needed new brake pads on the Rav4, so called the Toyota dealership and got an appointment with them for this morning...I was down there by 7:30 and had to wait between two and three hours...Roger just wasn't able to get in and out of the truck to pick me just took my kindle and sat and read while I waited.

It turns out it is not my brakes, but the water pump is going out...and it is still under warranty...thank God. But have to take it back in next Tuesday for that to be done.

Also had to run Roger back to the chiropractor this afternoon. so, no time at all for blogging. Not sure if I will get any time tomorrow either...