Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cotton: the fabric of my life

When we were in Georgia in September, I finally had the opportunity of seeing fields of cotton. I have always wanted to have a few seeds to see if I could grow it up here. I know I would have to start it inside in very early spring or late winter. But that has never happened...but at least I got to see it growing and got to take these photos.
There were occasional blooms, even though the majority of the field was about ready to be least I think it was about ready. When picking apples in the fall, I would occasionally find a few blooms scattered here or there in the it did not surprise me to see these cotton blossoms.
I always thought growing tobacco was a hot job, and sort of nasty with the way the tobacco would tar up my hands...but I am thinking nothing I done with tobacco would hold a candle to the job of picking cotton by hand.
The cotton we seen was low growing--maybe two feet high. So most adults would have to stoop to pick it...then it would be rough on the hands...and dragging that bag behind would have really been tiring when it was full and probably aggravating even when it was empty. But I would still like to grow a few plants just to see it grow.

I love cotton...I prefer clothes made of cotton. I want sheets made of cotton. It is the fabric I use to make my quilts with. So it really is the fabric of choice for my life.