Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Life at the strip pits

We had sunshine....ALL DAY LONG! I didn't quite know how to act...of all the days to have it, it was a good one. Sarah and Lorelei were planning to come up today, but due to unforeseen circumstances, they didn't come. However, one of the guys Roger used to work with came and spent a good part of the day here.
A while after his friend left, we decided to run out to the strip pits to see what we could see. On my Time Stand Still I have featured the prize capture, but I thought I would show these as well. Yes, if you click the photo above, I think you can tell that that is a cat! I thought it made a fairly good photo.
There were not too many birds, we seen more mallards than anything. The geese and the mallards seem to be pairing off to start their families.
We saw some other deer, but this was the only one that I captured with the camera.
I just discovered something about ScribeFire...the Firefox add-on to manage blogs. The pictures that I upload with it cannot be enlarged. Another negative thing was that only one photo at a time could be uploaded. Though I would have lived with that if the photos had enlarged. Anyway, I probably won't be using it.

I think it would be fine if you didn't publish photos to enlarge...but even on my Time Stand Still blog, my photos can be enlarged. Except for these few I have published with it. and the more I think about it the more I am thinking I will go and redo the photos with the regular publisher.