Friday, October 18, 2013

Scary girl!

Last night, Lorelei had her mom send me this picture...I told Sarah to tell her Pink Princesses were not supposed to make those kinds of faces.  Sarah said she did even more after I told her that.
We have had some kind of sinus/cold type thing.  Roger lost his voice about three days ago...still has not got it totally back.  Lo had it too, and felt really bad for a few days and ran a temperature.  Hoping her aunt does not come down with it...she was in for a few days. 

When they went to pick her aunt up, Sarah told Lo that they were going to pick up a package.  When they got to the airport, Sarah told Lorelei that she must have taken a wrong turn, so pretended to look up something while they waited for 'Aunt' to get in...

Well, Lorelei started....Mommy, lets go see Aunt R....Sarah told her no, they couldn' cost too much money...Lo was like Mommy, Please, please for just one day!   And Sarah told her no, it was still expensive, and besides she couldn't miss school.

So her aunt called Sarah when she was ready off the plane, and Sarah drove up to pick her up...didn't tell  Lo what was going on...just had Lo's window down....when she seen her Aunt she got this big old grin on her face and said, "Mommy!  You tricked me." 

Roger and I both had the cold/sinus thing by then, so we didn't go over that night as we had planned.  So, they called later that night, and Lorelei was bouncing off the walls she was happy.
This weekend marks the last of the Parke County Covered Bridge festival for this starts the second Friday of October and lasts for 10 days.  The population of all of Parke County is a bit less than 20,000, that is not a typo.  It is a rural county.  But the Covered Bridge Festival brings in millions of visitors every year. 

Most little communities have some vendors set up, with Rockville, Mansfield, and Bridgeton being the biggest beehive of activity.  It is a lot of fun, and most everyone is there to have a good time...there's food to eat and lots of stuff to see:  crafts, antiques, books, name it and you can probably find it there somewhere.
It has turned cool here...highs are in the 60's during the day.  Not sure what it gets down to at night but we have not had a hard freeze....we did kick the heat on last night.  Next week, some days the highs are predicted to only be in the 50's.