Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Just a quick little post...


It is fun getting a pic like this to start the day off right...Lorelei never takes a serious picture.  I think it is good that she does not take herself too seriously.

Here we have Copper's adoption photo, and how he is now.  Not sure if this photo is real new...but you get the picture.  I look at that adoption photo and could almost cry.  Look what a little boy he was.  We were over there Sunday for lunch...it had been a while since we saw him, but he was tickled to see us.  Sarah and Jeremy came to eat an to pick up Lorelei.  Copper was glad to have his tribe all together.  He would play, he would lay and watch us all, as in the photo below.

I know I have posted a similar pic but this one was taken Sunday.  Anyway, he would play, and watch us, and then every so often he would come to the table where we sat talking, and he would go around it to check on each of us.  He would nose in under our arm, or hand, till we had to acknowledge him.

I think I told you he sasses his mom...he does not like to be told no.  He will stop whatever he is doing, but he talks back.  I did not notice, but his mom said he sasses Lorelei, too.  I honestly think he recognizes that she is more his age than ours.


I was going to burn up some of the limbs, etc that has fallen in our yard.  And clean off the flowerbeds good, but soon as I headed out the door to do that, the wind started just whistling.  I did pick up a lot of sticks, but rather than do the burning, I broke down boxes.  

That is about it from this little corner of the world...I am going down in the basement to check on laundry, and maybe sew a stitch or two more.  Hope everyone is having a good week.