Saturday, May 23, 2015

Not a good quality photo

This sign is down below the road as we leave the strip pit area...well, one way we leave.  I have wondered about this sign for ages and ages.  I always wonder about it....about who put it there.  I really need to start photographing more signs. 

When we were first married and lived in Terre Haute...there was a house we would pass fairly often.  One time we would pass, there would be a post hanging on the porch that said 'Monster Mash', the next time we would pass it was no where to be seen.  We watched it for almost two years and it was like that all the time.  We always assumed it was a signal for something.

At least the Manhood Tr. sign is always there.
We are both dragging tonight.  Roger tilled a new little garden spot today and we got a dozen tomato plants and 8 bell pepper plants planted.  We did that this morn.  Then we waited till late this evening and made my new little flowerbed out front.  I sure hope that everything lives.

Roger says the minute he lays down he will be asleep...I didn't say it but that probably holds true for me, too.