Thursday, April 16, 2015


Another day of rambling around...and during that time, I managed a few photographs.    Everything is waking up.  Dandelions caught my eye...I did not notice the ants till I was looking through my lens.  (Click photo to expand the view.)
We saw several of these Six-spotted Tiger Beetles.  This photo is cropped...
Not sure what this plant/weed is...but it is here every spring.  When you look close, those little flowers are quite beautiful.
We are seeing daffodils almost anywhere we go.  I did get more photos, but feel this is enough for one post.

We did fish a little bit today, but they are letting water out of the Cecil M. Harden Lake, also called Raccoon Lake.  Anyway, we were fishing in Big Raccoon Creek and it was almost full to the brim.  I caught one Largemouth Bass. 

I was texting with my daughter last night..Lorelei's aunt.  She now has two cats, Delilah and Daphne.  I ask her what they were doing.  She said that Delilah was killing a toy mouse, and that Daphne was taking out her dry catfood, and dropping it one piece at a time, then stalking it, catching it, and eating it.  I almost started giggling out loud when she told me.