Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New book...

We were in Crawfordsville this morn before 9:30....hubbies appointment was at we had a few minutes to wait.  They did 61 far none are causing him to itch.  I don't know if that is a good thing or not.  Hopefully, we will at least know some things he is NOT allergic to.  He goes back Friday to have the patches removed...then back Monday.
I have had time this afternoon to do something productive, but do you want to know what I have done?
I have been working on my jigsaw puzzle while listening to the audible version of My Southern Journey by Rick SIL/Best Friend had been given it for Christmas and bless her heart, she told me about it.  I checked the library right then and put a hold on it.  Oh, if you are any part Southern, have family in the South, or just a bit Southern at heart, you would like this book.  I have laughed, cried and been teary eyed almost since the first words.  It takes me back to another place and time...he captures the heart of the place like no other author I have known.

There is a story about the Crazy Cat Lady (his mom). Another  story is title:  For a Vegetable I'll Have White the latter he says "I always wanted some washboard abs.  But I always seemed to want some babyback ribs.  Washboard abs are hard to get...I can get babyback ribs for $6.95 per pound."  Aren't we all at least a bit like that...some of us worse than others.

Oh it is just the most wonderful I will go back to to listen to time and again.