Saturday, July 4, 2009

Rainy days

Please click and enlarge all photos to really get the feel of this day!
If you enlarge the photo above, you can see the rain. This little fellow was shy. It was raining to hard to leave my window down, so you see raindrops on the window. And I took a couple of him, but he would try to get behind his mama. So, decided to go on and not scare him.
We were happy to have time to take a drive over to Arthur, Illinois today. That is Amish Country. It never stopped raining once this whole day long. Not even sure if it has quit now. I wanted to go to a quilt shop, to look for some orange fabric.
On the way home, we took some side roads and seen so many foals. One farm had lots and lots of horses/mares with foals. The only thing with driving over there is there is never any room to pull off the road, and there is always light traffic even on the back roads. So there was no way to count how many there were. I know at least 50-75 grown horses, and a bunch of young ones. Just amazing to see.
Then, I came home and got on here and have been emailing back and forth off and on all night with my one of my best friends who also happens to be my sister-in-law. Looking at old, old pictures Neal scanned and shared with us. From our childhood. You can see one of them here. My friend is married to my brother George.

Each of my brothers is special to me...I would have done anything for George. I am not sure when that started....not even sure just why I was that way by him but I was. He was just my hero. That about says it all.

Neal was the one I always got to read me stories before I learned to read. I also remember going to the barn with him to milk some times. He could take a full bucket of milk and swing it all the way around--and not spill any. I am talking swinging it overhead, and it upside down. I thought that was magic I guess.

And then there was Robert...he teased me and aggravated the living daylight out of me. Anything he could do to make me yell, or get mad...he done. I can't even remember what all he done now...I just remember flying mad at him. Our mom just let us fuss, and would tell me if I would not respond, that he would quit. And I suppose she was right. I can remember him taking a handful of cockle burs and rubbing them in my hair. He called me Molly simply because at that time I hated the name...he even called me that in his sleep.

Yet we did things together... he had friends come and spend the day and sometimes all night and he always let me tag along in whatever they did. He never tried to get our mom to make me stay home. I was just one of the gang. I cannot even remember what all we done, I just remember being glad they came. I think we used to go to this dump and shoot B-B guns at cans and bottles, etc, and I think we would go and find grapevine swings to swing on.

And Robert was always working on something...if I would have been a willing helper I could have learned a lot. Instead, as I got older I did not want to help him on his go cart or his cars. Now I think how dumb I was not to paid attention and learned how to do stuff.
There just aren't too many photos of us growing up...a few taken by visitors and a few school pictures. We didn't even get those every year. I have two yearbooks from high school...I may be the only one of us kids to have yearbooks from high school. And there are a few pictures like the one below that my older sisters or someone has taken. And yes, that is me below.