Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wonderful architecture...

This is the door to enter the church I showed three or four days ago on here...I don't know why I didn't post it along with that photo. This is such a beautiful doorway/entryway...I am not sure what the correct term is.

I want to go back over there some time when the sun is in a better position...also, would love to be there sometime when it is in use and I could get a photo of ALL the church and the windows.
Plus there are more buildings/homes I want to photograph over there. It is a small town, but sure has some beauties in it.
It is cold here this morn, but the sun is trying to shine a little bit. It is supposed to stay cool for the next few days, and maybe make it back up to 50ºF by next weekend. I am hoping they are wrong and it gets there a lot sooner. I cleaned off the garden the other day, but still have a lot to do in the yard.

I also need to be making some decisions about some flower choices...I have a spot planned for more flowers but haven't got a clue to what I want to plant. I would like for it to have things that bloom all through the seasons...I have stuff that blooms in the spring and summer, but nothing in the fall.

And I have been wanting to make a raised bed for strawberries...just enough for us to have fresh ones to eat. I have been looking at strawberry plants, and trying to remember what varieties I liked...not that the normal nurseries offer near all the choices we had at work, but they do offer a few. I have wanted strawberries for two or three years and just not did anything about it. Maybe this will be the year.