Thursday, February 14, 2008


Indiana sunsets...scanned in from old photos. I hope I haven't posted any of these before. I think I have only thought about it but never actually done it.

Fabric arrival

The above box came in the mail yesterday from Thousands of Bolts--not with my boy cat in it of course, but with the fabric pictured below. The fabric pictured directly below is going to be the backing for the baby quilts. And the other fabric is just to add to my stash.

I must say that the service from Thousands of Bolts was excellent....I thought shipping a bit high but I got 15 1/2 yards of material for a total of $67, which includes shipping. I didn't so much mind the shipping--I ordered Sunday, got a call from them Monday asking about the 7 yards of fabric I ordered. They had a 6 1/2 yd piece and a yard piece, and could I work with that or did it have to be in one piece, and they would give me the 7 1/2 yards for the 7 yard price....I didn't even have to think about that and said yes. I got the fabric yesterday--so you can bet when I need something again I will think of them.

Of course, those prices were not as good a deal as a $1 a yard that Laurie and her TSB(another Laurie) found. But it is still not bad when compared to most quilt shop prices.

Well back to the basement for me--I have been sewing some today and it feels good. Hopefully I will get a lot done today.