Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A little this and that

This morn it snowed and sleeted for just a little while. I actually was beginning to think we might get a good dusting, when it quit. Then my daughter wanted to know if I wanted to run to Walmart with her...we took a little detour on the way there and back. And after we got back, Roger and I went back out to the 'detour.' By detour, I mean the strip pit area where several of my photos have come from this past few months.
I did not get the images I wanted either time..not good images. So will go back and try another day. But I did get these. I feel like this vulture is looking over his shoulder say, "Hey, you want to come over to my place?" I don't know why, but that is the first thing I think when I look at it.
Anyway, I would estimate that 95% or more of the trees in this area are bare...just one with color every now and then. When we were over in Paris, going down a street where there was no place to park, there was one tree that was almost a red as brilliant as the barn in the last picture.
At the local strip pit, most of the moss was gone, but there were still these lily pads. When I first got close, there were lots of bubbles coming to the top..we wondered was a turtle down below or what.
As for this barn, it really is this color red. I did not alter this picture anyway. It is a color red that will about knock your eyes out in real life. And notice the mower in the foreground...when I was a kid we had one of these that was for horses.