Saturday, February 1, 2014

For those wondering how babies get here...Pixar version

One thing about having a grandchild is that you become reacquainted with your inner child.  If not for Lorelei, I doubt I would have ever watched any of the Pixar shorts.  This is one of my favorites. 

I have glasses that don't have a rim around the bottom of the lenses.  Today, one of the lens separated from the frame and I had to use reading glasses for a while.  It was not fun trying to go up and down stairs; for some reason I could not push them up on top of my head and them stay there. Had to take them completely off.

And I swear I almost became dizzy if I did anything other than read or look at the computer and left them on.  I was trying to do a few things at once without taking them off, and boy if I turned my head quickly looking where they weren't focused, I'd get so dizzy just for a second.  Anyway, I knew my vision was worse, but not as bad as it apparently is.

Thankfully, Roger was able to use epoxy and glue the lens back in.  And I have an appt. Monday to get new ones.    I have been looking at frames on line..I have no idea what I want.  So that is going to be the most time consuming part on Monday.