Wednesday, October 23, 2019

A bit of a start....

I did cut some squares this a start...that is what the orange leaves are going on.  The squares are all shades of gray/white...some have a real warm undertone others not so much.  Not sure how they will work together but I am using them all.

I first fold the square to form diagonal lines...the one line I want to go all the way across, the other is just to give me a suggestion of where the middle is.

I first place the leaf tips on the folded line...and I use one straight pin on top on one end to hold the leaf in place as shown in the above photo.

I hold the other end in place with my hand, and continue to place pins to hold the leaf in place from the back.

And I might or might not move the original first pin to the back.  The reason for doing it like this is till my basting thread will not catch on the pins as I baste the leaf down.

After it is all basted, I remove the pins....

All that is left now to applique it.