Saturday, December 31, 2016

Just a little blogpost

Happy New Year to all who happen to read this after much time away!
The above photo was taken December 13 in Avon, Indiana where we happened to be at an ENT's office...Roger was being tested for allergies and while we were waiting to see his reaction, I was looking out the window.  He has a chronic cough, and now ends up he is allergic to everything it seems.  Whenever they can get him started, they are going to try giving him the allergy shots once a week.  For the next three to five years.   They have an office in Terre Haute so won't be like we have a horrible drive every week.

We had stressful things happen this past month and I just was not able to blog or to visit...hoping things have settled down for a while. 

Roger is only going to speech therapy now...and the therapist only wants to see him once a week for a few more weeks.  They are supposed to call me to schedule more visits.