Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sky Watch Friday

I have no idea if these will post--blogger has gone bonkers on me! On Firefox it comes up with yesterday's date and tells me that the autosave has failed and I get an error message saying my request could not be processed, please try again. I think it is to do with the autosave.

So I went to Internet Explorer and it is even weirder. To hard to explain. So I may be typing this for nothing. And it may be published and say it was published yesterday, even thought it is Thursday as I speak...11:00 a.m. to be exact.

Going to keep this short and sweet. If I can. Does anyone see the rubber ducky in the top photo? The others were taken the same day--in the middle photo I was looking west, then turned and looked east to take the bottom one.

If anyone else wants to join Sky Watch Friday, it opens later today at the Sky Watch Blog.


When the kids were young, we used to pack up lawn chairs, cooler, and whatever else we wanted and go through the gate shown HERE, commonly called Rock Run. I hope that link works...
Anyway, the road led back to this area...I am sure I have some other pictures of it somewhere but I just can't find them right now. Big cliffs were there on either side, and a small creek ran through the valley. We would take hot dogs, smoked sausages, or whatever we had to roast over the fire. I will tell you right here and now there is nothing better than a piece of ham speared on a stick and held over an open fire. It is simply delicious. Add chips and a coke and you have a meal fit for a king in my opinion.

The kids would play in the creek, or swing on a big rope swing that used to be there. My husband usually took some kind of firearm to target shoot a little. I took books to read and hand sewing. But sometimes I just hunted ginseng, if it was late enough in the fall. We now have a season on it...when I was a kid you could hunt it all summer long.

And this old outhouse was there....what other convenience could you ask for. To see what I done with in in photoshop, go to Paintbox Pictures. There is also a picture of ginseng that I did.