Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Lorelei, the fashion model

My phone beeped this evening...and there was this pic.  Don't you just love it.  Do you see all three?

Can you believe how she has grown...of course you are not seeing her standing beside me.  But believe me she is turning into a young lady.  She is still like a ray of sunshine for us.  She is longing to go wading in the creek and they are either way to high to wade,  specially the one that we can easily get to.  Others are not so high, but either  no place to get down to the creek, or if there is, no good sand/gravel bar to be on.

I don't think we have went a whole week without rain this summer.  And most of the time it rains more than one day.  Maybe just a quick soaking shower, maybe light rain all day...but seems like we get rain of some sort at least two or three times a week.


I have only made 35 of these....I cannot settle down and really work on them.  I sew them just to have something to sew.  But my heart is not in them.

And I cannot leave these scrappy things alone either.  At least when I do sew.  Last week I did not touch sewing at all.  First one thing and then another kept me from it.

Now for a little funny, here you go....I hope you have a nice rest of the week and hope you get a chuckle from the video: