Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pet the kitty!

Guess who is petting the kitty with their foot? Lorelei, of course. She was laying back in her mommy's lap, and of course, Diesel wanted up there also. Lorelei did not mind at all. She still will grab a kitty's ear sometimes or she wants to feel their eye. Bubbie will just set there most of the time with her poking at him. Puss Puss runs any time she is near...she always has so it isn't a thing of Lorelei having hurt her.

Cougar runs sometimes and sometimes not...and the biggest surprise of all is a lot of times Lorelei can walk all over Mama Cat and she will just let her. At least half the time...other times she will get up and leave. I doubt anyone can imagine the change in Mama Cat since she came to live with us...before the only person that could pet her was my older daughter...the rest of us she would try to bite or to scratch. Now she never meets a stranger.

I was going to post this last night, but for some reason you tube was really slow on this end last night. Tonight, I have been getting an error code when I try to publish some of the comments but reported the error and got them published. Only from one person...all the others I could publish.