Wednesday, April 29, 2009

She's adorable...

We went to Sarah's this morn and visited with our granddaughter, Lorelei. See that smile above--that is her getting ready to have her diaper changed! And see the picture below, that is right of in front of her changing table....those giraffes on the wall are ones Sarah painted for her room. And she seems to love them! She jabbers and coos and talks to them any time you put her on the table. If she is unhappy, take her in there and her mood usually changes.
And today her Grandpa seemed to really entertain her. She tried her best to talk to him. It isn't going to be long till she is running us all ragged keeping up with her.
Now, to the previous post...I don't know why I said I had seen grouse out at the strip pits...I meant to say I saw two male pheasants. I have almost typed grouse before. So I hope everyone that seen that post at least sees this one. I have never seen a grouse in Indiana, and only one or two in Tennessee. I don't think they are native to Indiana, but not sure.

Below is the other new sighting for us...what do you think? Is it a Great Egret?
I wish these were better pictures, but am lucky they were this good.
I really have trouble focusing this is a cheap thing. I don't have near the trouble with the other lens.
Anyway, if you think you know for sure if this is or isn't a Great Egret tell me. I really do not know what birds at all.